fruitful seasons 

When you keep your focus on Jesus, he takes care of your life 

  • Titus 3:14-15

To be fruitful is to have good works (under grace- the out working of god’s life that produces fruits in us) 

With this, the lord will bring about a multiplication effect in your life. He will provide you a harvest. 

Believe God for good works, Believe that he will use u to touch people, and you will see fruitfulness in your life

The best way to see how the holy spirit uses you is to love people and minister to people – you will experience the supernatural.

There may have been sacrifices made, but the lord always gives you much more in return. 

Rather make mistakes, learn and grow, than make nothing at all. 

  • John 15:5-7

Being fruitful is knowing that we are the branch and he is the vine. Stay in the vine, be rooted in the vine.

Everything we are and everything we do is because we are abiding in the vine.

Don’t be satisfied with whatever fruitfulness you have now, because the lord is bringing much fruitfulness in your life.

Growth upwards, growth spread out, can only happen when you grow deeper. Don’t need to be concerned about your fruit, be concerned about your root in Jesus.

  • Ephesians 3:16

according to the riches of his glory, the lord strengthens you in your inner being. That you being rooted and grounded in His love, will bear much fruit. Not just know the lords love, but to believe and trust in His love for you. 

Because God loves me, I will have all he prepares for me. Everything I have or experience, is because the lord loves me. 

Always look to the cross and appreciate the cross, and you will root yourself in his love. 

To know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge. The love of God is experiential. And you will be filled with the presence of God. 

Your heart has memories, your emotions have memories.

The fullness of God comes when you are grounded and rooted in his love

Rooted and grounded – in the finished work 

  • Colossians 2: 6-7

Rooted and built up – in the person of Jesus 

  • John 15:6

Abide in him first and he will abide in you. The father will be glorified when u bear much fruits. 

16: I choose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit. And your fruits should remain..

First for your good works in ministry, then an overflow into your personal life.

Unfruitful life 

  • Mark 4:18

1. Cares of the world (don’t be distracted by the cares of the situations, don’t let it choke the word, the supply and the fruits)

2. Riches of the world (deceitfulness of riches) 

3. Desire of the world 

As long as u abide in him u will be fruitful. It is more unrestful to be unfruitful. 

  • Isaiah 5:1

Be on a fruitful hill and you will be able to bear fruit. Root yourself in a place that is fruitful. 

  • Jeremiah 3:15

I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. 

Pastor Benjamin


The Year of His Restoration

Everything that was robbed, cheated and taken away from you will be restored this year, 2015.

His – restoration that is from Him, not from mere man.

When man restores, it is not longer as good as the original. But when God restores, it is always greater in quality or quantity or both!!

Joel 2:25
Restoration of the years the locust has eaten. Time spent in sin are wasted years, but if you trust Him, He will restore the years to you.

Isaiah 42:22
No one says ‘restore!’, because the people have stopped believing for restoration.

Start believing for restoration, God restores, God loves to restore, God wants to restore. Ask him, say restore!

All the broken pieces will come back together, he will restore.


Psalm 23:3
He restores my soul.
Your emotions, heart and mind, the soulish part of man. A mind stronger and sharper than ever. “Your flesh shall be fresher than a child’s”

Jeremiah 30:16
I will restore health to you and heal you for your wounds. For people who have believed for a long time but haven’t seen any manifestations. Wounds – chronic problems, healing for long term conditions.

Exodus 22:1
Gods law for restoration is always greater in quantity or quality! 5 oxens for 1 lost, 4 sheep for 1 stolen, you become a gainer for what you lost.
The greater your loss the greater your restoration!

The very area you’re weak in, you’ll become strong because it is His strength and His promise, His restoration.

Leviticus 5:14-16
He who trespasses the holy things of the lord will make full restoration for the harm that was done and shall add one fifth (20%) -> 120% restoration!

It’s a picture to reveal what happened at Calvary
Psalm 69:4
The lord restored that which he did not take away – so even if it’s your fault, He will still restore.
God gained more from redemption of mankind than what he lost from the fall of man. Because Adam fell, Calvary happened and Jesus redeemed us to be family to God!

Romans 5:17
MUCH MORE, what Christ did for us is MUCH MORE! He will restore much more, for everything that was stolen, taken or robbed.

Don’t ask why about whatever you have lost, it is a downward spiral. Ask God for restoration, ask God for the 120%, ask God for your hearts desire. Don’t give up.

Because even when you have lost, you will still win, because the lord is on your side.

The battle is accomplished, your fight is a fight of rest, of faith, a fight from victory. The physical, visible evidence might seem otherwise, but it is a fight of faith to please God.

Restoration starts from rest in the cross.

Psalm 23:1-3
He restores my soul is sandwich between ‘He leads me’. He is your shepherd, you will not want this year. He will make u lie down in green pastures – rest, he will feed you with green pastures- providence all around, he leads you beside the still waters of rest and then he restores your soul.
Be in a place of rest, knowing the lord will restore, because the lord has won victory over all.

Ruth 3:18
Sit still my daughter, for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter. Where you rest, He will work on your behalf.

Pastor Prince

The glory is in you

Shaking is to shake things out of you, readying you for the next level.

Never come to a place where u become crippled without something.

There’s nothing wrong with you, just get into the presence of God. Practice the presence of God.

The bread of his presence, chewing on the word in UR presence, will feed and strengthen you.

Don’t look at the fruits in UR life, look at the roots.

In his presence there is boldness, the problems become small as God is magnified.

The lord doesn’t want your trying, he wants UR receiving.

You are not meant to cling, U r meant to receive.

Joshua loved lingering in the presence of God.

When we ask for outward direction, the lord answers with inward presence.

I asked The Lord, how does something that started out so light and easy become so heavy and challenging?
He answered, whatever that you hold with your own hands, no matter how light, becomes heavy after a period of time. Unless you give it to me, unless you let me hold it for you. My hands are bigger than yours, my hands never tire.
Will you give it to me?

i am so tired jesus. i dont know what to do. i dont know where to go. i am so tired. so sick and tired. what year of greater glory, what glory is this. i only see ugliness and more ugliness. there is no glory in this, there is no glory in any of this. you say this is the year your goodness will work for me, you say that greater glory simply means greater goodness because your glory is your goodness, well i dont see it. i dont see any goodness, dont see any glory, dont see shit.

yeah yeah yeah, i know. cursed is the man who doesnt see good when it comes right? screw that. i dont see anything.

Every lack is because of a lack of revelation

Fresh revelations bring forth fresh ‘happenings’, gd things that happen to happen

How u see The Lord determines who he is to you

In order to make gd decisions, see Jesus as ur shepherd who guides and leads u.

1 peter 2:8
U were once like sheep going astray, but now returned to ur shepherd, the overseer of your soul

Isaiah 40:10-11
He will feed his flock like a shepherd, carry them in his bosom and gently lead

The Lord gathers u with his own arms n carries u in his bosom, not using a stick but carries u near his heart

Without inward prosperity u will not be able to enjoy outward prosperity

Soul prosperity, because a restless spirit will not be able to enjoy the journey, they are eager to see results. don’t be anxious n fearful on the inside. Let The Lord restore rest in ur heart, he wants to restore. Before outward prosperity, The Lord wants to restore soul prosperity first.

Don’t try to b a testimony, let god be your testimony, let The Lord come through for you, for His namesake

What u feed on becomes your weapon to defeat the enemy

GenRev/ pastor B

Always have the most amazing sessions with john..

Stay where The Lord has planted you, allow your roots to grow deep so you become steady and firm at where you are. If you constantly covet other people’s land and uproot yourself to move around, then no wonder you are easily shakened, because your roots never got the chance to grow deep, and no wonder you see no fruits, because without deep roots, you cannot flourish at where you’re planted, when you cannot flourish then naturally you cannot bear fruits!

So stay where The Lord has planted you, trust that he knows best when he planted you there and wait for his goodness to come to pass!


Be still, allow The Lord to write on your heart and do his good work.

We are the paper, he is the pen, the paper cannot write itself no matter how hard it tries. If the paper is constantly moving to get written on, then when the pen tries to write it can’t get it’s message across properly, so be still and allow The Lord to write upon your heart properly.
We are calling living epistles for a reason, because epistles are literally scrolls for people to write on in Israel back then. So be a blank sheet, be still and allow The Lord to write into our lives freely.

It takes a special revelation to be still, a strong and deep revelation that can only come from The Lord, because only this revelation can enable you to be still and trust that He will fight your battles for you, he is in this situation, he will bring good in for you.


When the devil wants to attack someone, he uses one very simply tactic to confuse and spin that person’s world upside down- he causes that person to become a double-minded man.

Because a double minded man is unstable in all his ways, cause him to become double minded in one single issue and it will bring doubt and confusion that will spread across all areas of his life.

That’s why it’s very important whose voice do you listen to. When you listen to one voice, you follow one direction. But when you start to listen to another voice that says something totally opposite, then you become confused, double minded, your steps become unstable and uncertain, you no longer can see what’s ahead because you are no longer sure which direction to follow. A person without vision is very dangerous, because when you cannot see you don’t know where to walk.

Choose the voice you want to listen to, listen to the lords voice that always brings peace comfort and joy to your heart. As you listen to the lords voice, he will bring in clarity and light into your situation. When light comes, darkness must flee and the voice of the devil will naturally, easily fade away.

Listen to his voice. My sheep know my voice, you will know it’s him.


Just epic, this man of god.

Song of Songs

Song of Songs 1:17

We are the bride, the feminine side, depicting that we are the receiving side, meant to be loved and cherished.

Jesus wants to kiss u, he wants to be near u, he wants to be intimate w you.

A gd shepherd always feeds n lead his sheep to rest.
Jesus calls u most beautiful/ fair among women, even before u do anything.
When ure hungry, just follow the other sheep who are fed n u will find the shepherd.

Songs 4:1-5
We are already without blemish or spot. Not in the future, but now, already.

Holiness is agreeing with gods estimation of you- and he calls u beautiful NOW.

Eyes like doves
When one is in love, u look into each other’s eyes. N The Lord looks into your eyes, calling u doves eyes. When Jesus looks at you, the first thing he looks for is to see if you are looking at him. Because only when you are both looking at each other can the love be understood.
The Lord doesn’t look at your hands- your works. Not your feet- how you walk. These r impt, but The Lord looks at your eyes first. Because then u look right u will do right. Looking right will cause u to walk right.
Dove- Holy Spirit. Doves can see v far, doves r faithful n devoted animals. Tender & gentleness. The Lord sees gentleness in your eyes…

Hair like a flock of goats
Alot of goats represents prosperity. Mount of gilead- Jesus, the source of beauty. Hair speaks of maturity, seeing u mature even before u are. When u grow u have hair.

teeth like shorn sheep
Shorn sheep means being clean, uncumbered. (Isaiah 1:18- sins r as scarlet, but u shall b as white like wool. When sheep r first shaved, their wool are so pure white they can blind)
Teeth in perfect symmetry, able to chew n eat food. Not just swallow. Maturity and meditation.
Washing of your teeth, cleansing to whitening. Tonight because u came for BS u r washed from the dust of the world, u r washed shiny clean.

lips like strand of scarlet, mouth is lovely
Story of rehab, prostitute of Jericho.
Red- blood of Jesus. The scarlet thread though the bible, of Jesus genealogy, the bloodline of Jesus.
Speaking w hope, ministering redemption, ministering grace. Speak words that build ppl up.
Law is deserved favor. Grace is undeserved favor. Speaking grace is speaking as if the person has arrived.

temples like pomegranate
A fruit of blessing. Temple- ur head.
God sees your thoughts. Pomegranate has more seeds than any other fruit. Any seed can produce a tree. Ur thoughts are creative and life giving thoughts. Pomegranate juice is red, because when god sees u he doesn’t see ur thoughts, he sees them washed by the blood of Jesus. Washed clean already.

neck like the tower of David
Built for an armory. The mighty men of David rest their armors in the tower of David. Stiff neck- a will not yet subdued to the will of god.
But your will is submitted to the will of god, where people can rest on you and rest in ur presence. Because u have made ur decision to follow The Lord.

breasts like 2 fawns, twin Giselle, feed among the lilies
1 tes 5:8 putting on the breastplate of faith and love.
God wants ur faith and love to grow. Faith by hearing e word, love by seeing him and enjoying his love
Rev 2:1-3 I knw ur works labour and patience
1 tes 5:8 works of faith, labour of love and patience of hope
Lilies speaks of believers.
Songs 6:2 he dress his flock in the garden of lilies
U find feeding among believers. Where we gather The Lord is feeding.

Songs 4:6-11
you have ravished my heart, The Lord says to you.
The Moment u look at him, his heart is captured by you. With one move of ur neck, as u submit ur will to him, he is taken.
Wine- yayin- fermented. Ur love is better then wine.
The promise land is under ur tongue, when u speak u enter it.
come with me
The Lord attracts u away fr the world by asking u to come with him. He doesn’t tell u to go away fr there, he says come with me. He uses his own presence, there is communion and intimacy.
The Lord doesn’t tell u don’t go there, but says come with me, all who are heavy laden and I will give u rest…
Gen7:1 The Lord says to Noah, come into the ark. Tt means The Lord is in the ark alr, and he beckons Noah to come to where he is.

Songs 5
Chapter 4 speaks of how The Lord sees her, not how she really is. In chapter 5 she refuses him, but when she looks for him he is not there. The Lord never leaves not forsakes, but sometimes he does some things to stir up ur emotions to seek him and find him. He wants to be sought.

Songs 6:4-6
The Lord found her again. He calls her again as beautiful as tirzzah- considered the most beautiful valley in Israel.
The Lord says she has overcome him, he loves u so much.
Even tho she rebelled, his love for her is the same, he still says the same things about her….. He sees u the same even when u fail.

When god sees u, he sees ur new birth and without blemish. Lambs are born without spots and blemish.
1 peter 1:18-19
With the blood of Christ, we are redeemed without blemish and without spot.

Rev 22:16
The spirit and the bride say, come
To everyone who is thirsty, come. To everyone who is in need, come. Whoever that desires, let him take the water of life freely

The Lord says come

Pastor prince/ midweek svc

For our 8 months, a special boy brought me to a yummy place for dinner surprise! It was extra sweet because I have been super excited abt wanting to try this Plc esp aft Xinyu saying that lobster and burgers in London was so good. But the queue was just horrendous from whatever I see on insta! THANKGOD I have a cute sweet boy who would purposely go down at 530 to secure us seats so I would get to eat without queueing !!!












Strong- being consistent in something

Matthew 11:28-30 (msg)
Learnin the unforced rhythm will bring u an unforced strength

The new covenant is not a religion of man but a reliance on god

Grace depends on mans weakness. Where there is weakness, grace manifests best.
Grace shows u your weakness, that he is made strong. Our life is a discovery of what we; in and of ourselves cannot do, and what god can do; with us despite of us.

2 cor 12:5-10
To live out grace, you boast in your weaknesses. And in order to boast ur weakness, u need to first acknowledge your weaknesses. God wants you to be honest and real w him abt your weaknesses.
When u think u are strong, gods power cannot flow. gods power works best in your weakness. So when u boast in ur weaknesses, gods power can rrl work in and through you.

This is why u don’t need to pretend or perform before god. Because his power works best when u are weak. So you can be completely weak before him.


Luke 4:1
Jesus was led by the spirit into wilderness.
The wilderness brings u to the end of yourself, so that u know the power of god.
Luke 4:14
When jesus returned, he returned in the power of the spirit.
The wilderness is a converter, an exchange takes place. In wilderness, boast in your weakness, where the power of Christ resides over u.

When u have dreams, share them with ppl who will build them up and believe with u. Have the wisdom to know who to share with.

It’s only in the dungeons where gods blessings greatly manifested in Joseph’s life. Something happens to u in the wilderness, god speaks louder than ever.

Psalm 23:4
The rod and the staff never appears until the valley of the shadow of death.
The rod of correction brings wisdom. God is changing ur perspective. The wilderness drives u to god and makes u wanna be closer to god.

Hosea 2:13-15
God leads her into the dessert and speak tenderly to her.

The Lord leads u away to have u for himself, he wants to speak to u.

Like 5:15-16
Jesus withdrew himself into the wilderness to be with The Lord.
To grow larger on the outside you need to grow deeper on the inside. A tall building takes strong and deep foundations.

We know communication, but we don’t know communion.

Learn to take time out to be with The Lord. Withdraw yourselves fr all activities.

Above all voices of affirmation, u need the voice of god to strength and stabilize u.

Hosea 2:13-15
The Lord will return u your vineyards, he will transform ur valley of trouble into a door of hope. A GATEWAY of hope! Hope will be unstoppable, an explosion of hope. An expectation to receive, bringing a release fr heaven.

That kind of hope will rise in you.

Isaiah 58:11
The Lord will give u water when u are dry, he will restore your strength. You will become a well watered garden, you will be like an ever flowing spring- that will quench the thirst of others.

Wilderness can make u weak, but his grace strengthens u, and u will in turn strengthen others


Don’t fear feeling weak. Let his strength rest on u, and u will learn to boast in his strength.


It’s easy to laugh, have fun, play and love each other during the good times. So easy you sometimes forget that you need Jesus in your relationship, so easy you sometimes forget it is He who holds you together. 

But it’s when things are not all rainbows and butterflies that you realize it takes more than hugs and kisses to keep a relationship, it takes Jesus. The grace that brought you together, will keep you together, will walk with you through every mountain high and valley low. 

It takes Jesus, from the beginning to the end. It takes Jesus, through the good times and the bad. It takes Jesus, in whom all things consist. It takes Jesus, at the center of it all.

*randomly came across this blogpost by Michelle Hammond and it just reminded me so much of who i used to be in my previous relationship, how i felt & what i needed to hear. my heart goes out to all women feeling like this lady below, because you are really worth so much more than this.*

Dear Michelle,
My ex boyfriend and I broke up more than 3 months ago. We’ve been together for around five years. It has been an on and off relationship. There were many problems in the relationship including his not giving me enough time and not being thoughtful; and on my part being easily angered, strict and a little bit of forcing God into him. We are both Christians, but he’s not truly committed to God. He doesn’t enjoy going to church or reading the Bible.

Two weeks after the break up, he promised me that we could try again on his birthday which was on September 28. On the 28th, I reminded him of his promise, and he resented me. He agreed to try things out but he said that he is really just forced too. I didn’t contact him for the 3 months because I was really looking forward to fixing things with him. When I greeted him yesterday for his birthday, I started crying again, and the feeling of rejection was overwhelming. I really hope that we could still work things out. I am really so lost and confused. I want to be with him so much but I feel that it’s wrong to run after him. But how can I show him that I am better now if he won’t give me a chance. Please help me!

Trying to Make It Work

Dear TMW,
You said you did not want to pursue him but you are! Why are you reminding him he is supposed to give you another try? My even greater question to you is why are you trying to make it work? You said he didn’t give you enough time. Was not thoughtful. Not committed to God. Basically didn’t do anything that was important to you. Furthermore you stated he resented being reminded he was supposed to give you another try again on his birthday. On his birthday. How convenient. Just in time for you to buy him a present, right? You say he inspires feelings of deep rejection, being lost and confused. Why, why, why do you want to be with this man? While you are trying to be worthy of him, he is not worthy of you. Is this all you think you deserve? This is not God’s best, or His design for women who belong to Him. First of all HE is supposed to be pursuing YOU! He is supposed to think you are the best thing since sliced bread and want to do whatever it takes to win your love. But this all begins with you getting a revelation of your own worth. Men treat you they way they are allowed to. Drop him like its hot and move on. Allow yourself to be found by someone who loves God and you respectively without the drama and heartache. After all, I don’t need the help of a hair product to tell you, “You deserve it.”
Okay, here’s the deal. You will not put up with nonsense like this if you believe you can have something better. The only reason you would not believe you could have something better is if you think so little of yourself that a bad man is as good as you can get. In this case nothing would be better than something my sistah. You need to kick boyfriend to the curb and work on yourself until you have a better appreciation of your own value. While you’re at it pick up a few of my other books to help you get your head and your heart together. (see list at the back) Trust me, when you tighten up your perception of yourself and your worth you will flip the script on your expectations. Men like him won’t be attractive to you once you figure out you deserve someone who doesn’t need to be schooled about God or how to love you.

Come on now! Love is God, was created by Him and embodies Him. Everything about love reflects the nature of God—nurturing, giving, protecting, making you even better than you were before you chose to embrace a relationship with Him. Love should make you better than it found you.How can you let a human being mess that up?! Back to loving yourself. Someone with a healthy sense of who they are and how much their love is worth will not tolerate bad behavior from someone who claims to be interested in them. They demand they be treated well by the way they treat themselves and what they choose to allow in their personal space. Because God loved us it cost Him everything. That which was nearest and dearest to Him—His Only Son. Love does not withhold. Love gives. Everything. Nothing Less. Selfishness is not an attribute of love. Selflessness, however does not mean that you become Boo Boo the Fool. You should have such a great sense of self, what you have to contribute and the power of your love that you freely give because it doesn’t cost you anything. After all there is plenty more of that where it came from. It’s up to you— your love should not be for free. It should cost the person who wants you. Everything. Why? Because you are worth it.
Here’s to Celebrating You!

Wise Up


together to our first wedding at #57kgoflove, 05/07 Kevin Grace wedding.

it was really the most beautiful wedding i have ever attended, down to the very details.

we reached capella at about 4 to prepare for the recept and then headed down to the solemnization by the pool.



it was really humid, so thankgod grace bought us sandal wood fans to keep the mozzies away also! 20140708-123448-45288699.jpg





with these 2 beautiful friends! <3 20140708-123448-45288814.jpg

and of course, as with all weddings nowadays, social media has taken over our phones. 20140708-123449-45289463.jpg

and with the hottest and most gorgeous CGl you’ll ever meet. my cgl, ofcus. HAHA 20140708-123450-45290300.jpg


there are so many more photos i wanna post! solemnization, dinner…..