Beautiful in the dessert, beautiful in spring. Beautiful in the mountain tops, beautiful in the valleys low. Beautiful because, beautiful still, beautiful despite, beautiful, because king of my heart Jesus, you are beautiful.

hehe look at my cute baby sleeping like a piggie. hahahahaha Image




and i seriously hate songkran. this is me w a knife becus i wanted to kill people alr. UGH I HATE THEM. Image


never thought i would ever be much of a soccer fan or get excited over soccer. but mb tts what happens when u get attached. a little bit of him rubs off on u.

(he was REALLY very excited) 20140421-094838.jpg

i was more excited over my orange burst revlon lippie. can u tell?! its still cheon songyi’s fault if u ask me. 20140421-094843.jpg

who ever knew that riverview hotel was so exciting and happening man. hahaha all these liverpool fans. it was so funny cus maurice dropped charis and i to get seats while he went to park, we had no idea where the match was! but it wasnt difficult, cus all we had to do was follow the liverpool jerseys that were swarming around.

AND THEN. when the match started, everyone just stood up with their liverpool scarves and started SINGING! OMG! 20140421-094850.jpg

after awhile it got too hot, so we moved elsewhere to watch the match. the merry men at robertson quay. where he got his match, i got my truffle fries and pretty good duck pizza. 20140421-094856.jpg

look at this excited face. hahahaha so cute 20140421-094902.jpg

20140421-094909.jpgAAANDDDDD we WON THE GAME! tho it was supposed to be a walk in the park. but yay won!

next week liverpool vs chelsea. ons ahhhhh. hahahahahahahahaha



you are

You’re everything he’s not. Your touch is like the first day of spring after a long winter and your kiss is like the melody of a Michael Buble song. Your hand in mine makes me forget all the others that were there before you and your smile is all I want to see before I close my eyes at night. You make me believe in the impossible and you inspire me to achieve the dreams unimaginable. I constantly want to you to be proud of me because you make me feel so proud of you more and more every day.

I’m glad you were the one to get me out of my funk. You came to the rescue. You made me dance again, you held my hand, you made me feel special and beautiful like I was your Miss Universe. It may have taken a few years and a handful of mistakes, but this moment right now, right here with you, is all I need to believe that love is possible. You remind me that there are good people in this world and that life is something to celebrate every day. No one knows where this road might take us but I’m glad you’re the one I’m sharing this joy ride with. TC Mark

choochoo chicken


with our current korean faze, shar and i decided we needed some korean fried chicken and beer, like cheon songyi. cant look like her, can at least eat like her. HAHA. so we jio charis and maurice. 

choo choo chicken is at bali lane, if you are walking over from bugis mrt, its like a 5 min short walk and you’ll see it once you reach bali lane. 

the place itself is quite small, sits maybe up to 30 pax? thankgod maurice reached earlier and he ordered for us alr! 

$30 for 16 pcs, 2 flavors. he picked the spicy and the sweet one, i SUPER LOVE the spicy one it is just FANTASTIC. couldnt wait to dig in. didnt even bother with a photo and i was like GIVE IT TO MEEEEEE. whats awesome is that even tho it is soaked in sauce, it didnt affect the crispiness of the chicken at all. super love it.

then we had the spam rice burger, korean rice with seaweed, kimchi in the middle, mayo and spam. oh my gosh it was heavenly!! i absolutely lovveeddddd it! <3<3<3

then we had another order x8 wings of the soy sauce chicken, the one in the picture above cus this time i was quite satiated alr and cud tke a photo.



gd morning worlddddd  :) yay it is finally wednesday, which is midweek service night then thursday jesus culture @ the star and friday dinner w char saturday morning pack for bangkok, go for genrev and then the electric run!! AAANDDDD … Continue reading

hehe these are absolutely the BEST cookies ever. i have loved them since i worked at BP and found them randomly in the forever fully stocked pantry. :D:D my FAVORITE. 20140402-094537.jpg

hehe morning world! check out my lion mane hehe20140402-094543.jpg

At the party, Robin showed up, but clearly hadn’t seen the gang in months, if not years. She left in a fit, after seeing everyone together, and broke down “the gang” for Lily. “It’s just never going to be how it was,” she said. “It can’t be. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing.” And that’s true of all relationships.

Sometimes things change…

But it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sometimes, things are just the way they are. We move on in life, new seasons, new friendships, and that’s okay.