I’m First step in possessing your possessions is to know what are your possessions 

Know what ur possessions are and you will know how to possess it 

As u release ur faith to possess all Christ has given to u on the cross, everything else will fall into your possession as well 

Psalm 2:8

Ask of me and I will make the ends of the earth your inheritance 

An abundant life is where life is flowing in and out of you. 

1 Sam 22

Cave of Adulam. 

Ask for increased hunger this year. Hunger will always attract anointing

Hunger causes an appetite and causes you to eat to enjoy life! Anointing will cause you to enjoy life 

Amen is telling heaven that you want what is being spoken. 

Faith will cause you to possess your possessions! 

Let this new year be a new beginning and step into a new land, living a life of greatness and experiencing the grace of God! 

Whatever bad things may happen, it’s so that you can experience the grace of God at the end of it 

Hunger will result in actions. 

John 6

A large crowd followed him becus they saw him healing the sick.  

The changes in our lives happen when we listen to gods word. The anointing of God will rush into ur life, working with ur personality and you will carry that anointing in your own personality and flavor. 


Deut 8:7-9

The lord is bringing u into a good land, of Brooks and waters, of fountains and spring, of wheat and barley, wines and fig trees and pomegranates, of olive oil and honey. A land in which u will eat bread without scarcity, in which u will lack nothing. 

A land that is flowing flowing flowing flowing flowing with his goodness! 

Deut 6:10-11

The lord will bring u into a land with houses full of good things, which u did not dig, vineyards and olive trees that you did not plant- it is a message of REST. Becus u REST and the lord gives 

A NEW TODAY- where we will enter the land- A LAND OF HIS REST

Grapes and oil that speaks of his JOY and his ANOINTING! 

While we were in a place of bondage- the lord brought us out to rest 

Melon leeks garlic onions- collecting these food is back breaking and laboursome toil. But when God blesses, he makes u rich, u don’t need to toil for it. The food of Canaan, grapes, olives – it’s all easy to collect, non toilsome, easy and restful. 

We were brought out of captivity, but yet it is possible to wander without God and not walk into his promises- like the children of Israel who wandered for 38 years before entering the promised land. They only walked for 2 years with the lord, where it was purposeful and God led their steps. 

Walking is not difficult- the lord says that everywhere ur foot touches u shall possess. 

Trust that Love is providing for the one He loves. My blessings glorifies You.  

We don’t need to hear what the world says about 2016. We only need gods words on it. 

Numbers 13:23-33

Clusters of grapes awaiting us in the next few months!! Grapes & wine representing his joy- the lord has prepared a land filled with joy for his children that is far more than what the world can offer. 

This year God wants u to measure your difficulties to Him, not to yourself. Becus The name of God is higher and greater than any other name, all other names shall bow! 

33: the children of Israel: we were grasshoppers in our own sight, and therefore we were in their sights. 

Joshua 2:9-11

Rehab: the Giants in the land were actually scared of the children of Israel, they were terrorized and afraid, faint hearted. The Giants heard of all the God has done for the children and their hearts melted, they lost all their courage.

You are afraid of your enemies, but the truth is they are afraid of you becus they know of your God. 

Don’t be afraid of your weaknesses, the lord will use them to show his glory 

Numbers 14:6-11

Do not fear the people of the land, for they are our bread, the lord is with us! 

Whatever problems come your way- don’t think they will devour you, FEED on them, they are bread for you, they will strengthen you! 

Their protection has departed from them, becus THE LORD IS WITH US.

Faith always honors God, so God will always honor faith. Becus faith gives god his rightful place as your giver and provider. 

Numbers 15:1-3

When you will enter the land- the lord. Becus he has already given the land to you- depend on his goodness and u will enjoy his promise land. 

Numbers 20:16

We cried out to the lord and he heard our voice and delivered us 

Obadiah 17

You shall possess your possessions 

happy birthday to me! (inadvance)

YAY ITS MY BIRTHDAY. i know i know, im turning 27 and im not supposed to be still so excited about my birthday, BUT I AM ANYWAY.

Birthday outfit from Fayth.😀 me in love with jumpsuits.

and mau sent me flowers! they were supposed to look better than this… but oh well. its the thought that counts!
he brought me to dinner at equinox!  hes so cute, say that its been his dream to bring his gf to this place for dinner ever since his jc days. hehe

u cant deny that the view there is really very gorgeous!!
free bread! i always love free bread. they even gave free those little mini starters thingie thingie hahaha  
i ordered a miso cod that was REALLY GOOD. dont look down on it thinking it looks so tiny, i was stuffed by the end of the night!
and he got a steak. yummmms!  
me food and the awesome view
and my bday cake! i told mau to go tell them its my birthday and ask them to give me a free cake. HAHA. at first he asked a waitress and she said they dont offer free cakes. but he went to try again with this angmoh in a suit, and he said they will gladly offer a free cake. HAHAHA case in point – always find the angmoh in the suit. 
so happy with my bday dinner!  yummy food and my favourite boy!


i love sundays cus it usually means i get to eat a lot of yummy food, wear nice clothes and have fun! 

New top from lily pirates I got at the warehouse sale and the ombré jeans from ohvola! I only recently started to shop at ohvola and I must say, other than the white culottes that were disappointing Cus of its sheerness, the other items I’ve bought from them have been very good! So yes, I like this pair of jeans very much. Not to forget my taobao sandals. Haha! 

Took ootd at my usual spot w mau again, but I thought it looked too boring with my usual boring pose. HAHA. The walking one Abit fail.     

So I asked him to take for me again when we parked at star! I like to attend 3rd svc Cus it usually means he can get the car hahaha     

After svc we went back to nuah and then went out for dinner at Ecp. My fav fav fav fav wanton mee. I finished the whole plate leh!!   

Oh not to forget, heard wonderful news on Saturday night and I am just so pleased and so happy! :) 

We also celebrated Charis’s birthday on sat night at her place. Her and her Shiloh. Hahaha  

And the bday BBQ on Friday Becus there’s no CG! Whee! I’m starting to think that our CG has more people turn up when it’s not CG. Lol  
There!  I also found the perfect dress that mau likes. He doesn’t like tulle or lace gowns. He likes these kinda duchess satin kind and he likes the big bow- which this dress fulfills! He even said that it was nice when I showed him which is a big deal, Cus half the time when I show him dresses he says it’s not nice. Lol

Too bad z wedding packages are so expensive though. I heard that you still need o top up if u want to use their latest collection gown and! Unfortunately this is like newly launched. So boo for meeeeee.   


Hebrews 11:1

Faith is the substance of things hope for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Hope- Elpis- confident expectation of good.

Romans 5:1-2

Becus of Jesus we have peace with God. He is no longer angry with us Becus Jesus bore it all and we have been made righteous. 

Becus of all Jesus have done we are under grace, we can rejoice in hope Becus we can expect glory- his goodness! 

Whilst waiting for the manifestation of the glory- in between grace and glory- we rejoice in hope! 

Even though things haven’t changed or turned around, we still rejoice in having a confident expectation of good that His goodness will manifest in your life. 

Without hope, your faith has nothing to latch onto. With hope, faith can arise again. 

Romans 5:5

Now hope does not disappoint. Faith is the substance of things hoped for. Have confidence that gods goodness will come to pass. 

Zechariah 9:11-12

Return to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope! even today I declare that I will restore double to you! 

He will give you double your blessings, double your honor, double your glory! 

Hosea 2:14-15

When you are in your valley of trouble, the lord says he has placed a door of hope! and you will not stay in the valley but go out with GLORY! 

 When u encounter Jesus hope will arise n you will find faith 

Pastor lian